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 Please plan to join AMBC in St. Louis April 26-28, 2019 for an AMBC certified training weekend. We’ll be teaching a number of our AMBC certified courses, including Packing I (Basic Packing Techniques), Packing II (Advanced Packing Techniques), Shipping I (Domestic Shipping), Shipping II (International Shipping), and CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agent).

Special gratitude goes to Eliot and Kimberly Deters for their help in facilitating this training weekend, and their gracious offer to host at The Mail Box Stores in Bethalto and Highland, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis. 

Schedule (subject to change):

Friday, April 26th

3:00 pm – Break and snack station sponsored by Discount Labels

3:00 – 7:00 pm – Mailbox Rental 1 (CMRA) 

7:30 pm – Heavy hors d’oeuvres sponsored by Jackson Marking and full bar sponsored by Pacific Office Automation

Saturday, April 27th

 7:45 am – All American full breakfast sponsored by Identification Products

 9:00 am – AMBC Certified Training Classes sponsored by FedEx

 9:45 am – 12:45 pm – Your choice of either Shipping 1 or Packing 2 sponsored by FedEx

 1:00 pm – Lunch sponsored by Discount Labels

 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Your choice of either Shipping 2 or Packing 1 sponsored by FedEx

 5:15 pm – Bus leaves for tour, “The Mail Box Store Express, Powered by Pacific Office Automation.

 We will leave on an epic adventure that will include stops at Eliot and Kimberly’s Illinois store locations, their brand new state of the art print production facility, as well as a stop for a very delicious dinner where attendees will hear the story of how cultivating relationships can help you grow an $80 set of menus into a $750,000 customer.

 Upon Arrival – Fun and fellowship at the bar sponsored by Pacific Office Automation


Sunday- April 28th

 8:30 am – All American full breakfast sponsored by PC Synergy, the Makers of PostalMate®

 9:00 am – 11:45 am – Software training – Your choice of sessions from PC Synergy, the Makers of PostalMate® or ShipRite Software

12:00 pm – Lunch sponsored by ShipRite Software

12:30 – 4:30 pm – Mailbox Rental 1 (CMRA) 

12:30 – 3:00 pm – Finishing Symposium sponsored by Identification Products

During all training all weekend, the break/snack station will be sponsored by Discount Labels

AMBC Certified Course Descriptions:

Mailbox Rental 1: Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA): Knowledge of security, compliance, enforcement, and mail processing is a must to operate as a successful CMRA location. In this in-depth course, we will discuss topics of how to become a CMRA, aviation security, customer standards and contracts, owner / manager requirements, and postal service requirements.

Shipping 1: This course will work to cover all aspects of basic domestic shipping. We will briefly talk about the carriers’ histories and how they developed over the years. We’ll review items to be aware of when you are shipping irregular packages and large packages and what liability you and the carriers have on the packages that you ship. Other topics of discussion will include restricted and forbidden items, signature terminology and what it all means, maximum size and weight limits, and what to do when the inevitable claim happens.

Shipping 2: This course will work to discuss the general guidelines for shipping internationally in today’s world marketplace. We will dive into the services and restrictions for each carrier, how to properly label your packages for the international shipping environment, and what documents you will need for each level of service and the commodities you are shipping. We will also explore APO/FPO shipping, NAFTA, shipper’s export declaration (SED) and countries you can’t ship to, and other basic regulations that you must know to have success with international shipping.

 Packing 1: Our introduction to basic packing will strive to take the novice shipping center owner or staff member and give them an introduction into to the complete distribution environment and discuss and investigate environmental hazards. After completion of this course, they will understand the different levels of fragility and how to protect what they are shipping from any issues that might arise in the small package shipping environment. We will also discuss a wide range of packaging materials, tools, and a step-by-step process on evaluating the item before we pack it.

Packing 2: This course will be a continuation of our basic packing principals and lessons. In this course we will talk about specialty items like picture packing, packing large items, packing unusually sized or weighted items. We will also discuss the specific hazards that can happen in the shipping environment to these types of packages and special ways we can make custom cartons to hold these types of items.

Hotel Information:

Booking Link: CLICK HERE   

Price: $109/night including Full breakfast, free parking and free shuttle service to/from the STL airport


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